This week’s episode is a treat to all of the excel geeks out there. We are delighted to share the conversation we had with Joseph Lau, the only 2-time Financial Modelling World Champion at the ModelOff competition. We cover many interesting topics, ranging from his experience competing at the ModelOff competition, common mistakes people make in financial modelling, and tips on how to excel (pun intended) at financial modelling. Besides being a World Champion in his spare time, Joseph is a Director of Project Finance at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He is also a Co-founder of Spreadsheet Advantage, which is an Excel add-in designed to help excel users and developers increase their productivity. Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, a master’s degree in Applied Finance and a PhD in Pure Math. 

The topics discussed include:

The topics discussed include:

03:00 – Joseph’s background

04:50 – Requirements for excelling at financial modeling

05:30 –How Joseph got involved in the ModelOff competition

06:15 – How does the ModelOff competition work 

10:30 – Joseph’s preparation to compete

12:00 – Joseph’s experience competing at the ModelOff finals

13:00 – How has becoming a financial modelling world champion changed Joseph’s career

15:15 – Joseph’s tips on how to excel at financial modeling

17:50 – Areas in finance that requires strong financial modelling knowledge

19:00 – How to correct modelling errors

20:00 – The future of financial modelling

21:30 – How Joseph goes about training people in financial modelling

22:45 – Common mistakes in modelling

25:00 – Why Joseph retired from competing

27:15 – Why was Joseph nicknamed Fine Wine

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Luke, Leo & Andy

P.s. In our introduction, we mention Joseph was a finalist once, when in fact he was a finalist twice (besides having won the competition in two occasions)

Published On: May 30th, 2019 /