Stefan Schuetze & Juan Rodriguez are both part of the board of directors of Finlab AG, one of the first and one of the largest German company builders and investors in the financial services technology sector. Both Stefan and Juan have extensive experience in working in the Venture Capital, Fintech and Startups space. In the conversation we take a deep dive into the topic ranging from venture capital and fintech to blockchain and ICOs.


Some of the topics we discuss in the interview include:

  • How to become a managing director at a VC Fund?
  • How top VCs choose their projects?
  • What is exciting for a VC in the Fintech/Blockchain space now
  • How being a publicly listed company affect decision making of a company
  • How to grow a Fintech Company
  • What do VCs see in Blockchain technology
  • 100 million USD fund to invest in Blockchain EOS projects
  • Will ICOs displace Venture Capital?
  • What experience or skills do you need to get into fintech / VC space
  • What you should never say when pitching a company to a VC

And many more.


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Published On: April 26th, 2018 /