First of all, why should you even be reading this?

Here is why: we will work day and night in order to provide you with the best finance-related content possible. Why? Because we are just nice people!

Seriously though, Luke and I created The Wall Street Lab because we find meaning in learning something new every single day. But we thought: “Why keep it all to ourselves? “

So we decided to share all of that with the world. After all, if you are not doing something that adds value to the world, why the hell do you even wake up in the morning?

With that in mind, our mission is to provide you with exclusive insights into the world of finance. And when we say exclusive, we really mean it! We will cut through the corporate “fluff” and we speak a language that normal human beings can understand.

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We will focus on topics you cannot find in books or in articles you read every day on The Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times. Like what exactly? Here is a sample of a few questions we will be answering:

  • What are the daily habits of an Investment Banking General Partner?
  • How does a Partner at a Management Consulting firm add value to his/her firm?
  • What are the top skills you need in order to succeed as a Private Equity Manager?
  • What books should you read in order to be able to have a conversation about, say, Hedge Fund strategies?
  • What top employers in Finance are looking for when hiring a new analyst?
  • How can you create an environment in your life that is susceptible to success in finance?
  • CFA/MBA/Master of Finance/PhD/Startup?
  • What is hot and what is not in the financial services industry?
  • And many other great Topics!


So if you are smart, and I bet you are if you are still reading, you must be asking yourself: “Why should I be paying attention to these guys and not someone else? “


Well, let me be honest with you right out of the gate: We do not claim and NEVER will claim to be experts in finance. Why? Because once you think you are an expert, that is when you stop learning and give everyone else the chance to out-run, out-smart, out-work and out-learn you.

With that being said, we do have many years of experience in hedge fund analysis, private equity, portfolio management, start-ups, and financial controlling. We have access to the top financial minds in Europe and the world through our professional contacts and our strategic location in Frankfurt, Germany. We have also spent way too much time studying for a Master of Finance, CFA, CAIA, FRM, you name it!


And, last but not least, we are one of you! We understand where you are and what questions you are ask because we have all been there! So we strongly believe to be in perfect position to help you more than any book will, more than any news article will, in becoming great at what you want to do in finance.


We are really glad you became part of The Wall Street Lab community!


So stay tuned, and enjoy the ride!


P.S. If The Wall Street Lab is adding value to you, go out and tell your friends, your colleagues, your mom and your dog about us!

However, if at some point you don’t see value in our content anymore, please UNSUBSCRIBE as quickly as you can! But before you do that, let us know why and we will try to improve the experience of those consuming our content in the future.

Published On: November 1st, 2016 /