December 15, 2016

Episode #02 Oliver Schebela, CFA – Private Equity Fund Investing

Oliver Schebela, CFA is the Head of Private Equity Solutions of Bethmann Bank, a traditional German private bank, wholly owned by ABN AMRO. Prior to this, he spent 7 years at FERI Trust, where he started as a Private Equity Manager and worked his way up to Head of Private Equity. In his earlier days (he is still very young), he worked at Credit Suisse and at Commerzbank. This is a special episode for us. Not necessarily for the great conversation we had with Oliver, but for what it means to this journey Luke and I have embarked on. Back […]
November 28, 2016

Episode #01 Simon Hirst – Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Investments

Before this interview, The Wall Street Lab was all but an idea. What changed? Luke decided to e-mail Simon Hirst, without really expecting to receive a positive response. After all, he is a very busy man. Besides, “what is The Wall Street Lab anyway?”, he must have thought. To our surprise, Simon Hirst was very gracious in agreeing to meet us on the next day. We were officially in business! To make a long story short, what you are about to hear is the fruit of that initial hard work (which, by the way, pales in comparison to what we have done […]
November 26, 2016

Episode #00 The Wall Street Lab – 2016 Trailer

Welcome to The Wall Street Lab!!! That’s it! After months of preparation, including getting used to listening to the recording of our own voices, The Wall Street Lab is finally live! Luke and I are really excited about starting this journey with all of you. We really believe we have put together something special that will hopefully add some value to your careers in finance. So what are we all about? We started The Wall Street Lab to provide you with exclusive insights into the world of finance. We strive to offer you access to practical information that cannot be […]
November 1, 2016

Welcome to The Wall Street Lab!

First of all, why should you even be reading this? Here is why: we will work day and night in order to provide you with the best finance-related content possible. Why? Because we are just nice people! Seriously though, Luke and I created The Wall Street Lab because we find meaning in learning something new every single day. But we thought: “Why keep it all to ourselves? “ So we decided to share all of that with the world. After all, if you are not doing something that adds value to the world, why the hell do you even wake […]