July 18, 2019

#34 Paul Smith – President and CEO of the CFA Institute

This week, we had the pleasure to speak to the current (as of July 2019) CEO of the CFA Institute, Paul Smith. In our conversation, we cover some of Paul’s challenges in running the CFA Institute during his almost 5-year tenure, the future of the investment management industry, his vision for the organization, why he thinks it is important to have a mandatory Continuing Professional Development requirement for CFA Charterholders, as well as why he thinks young professionals interested in in investment management should strive to become CFA Charterholders. Please keep in mind this is not investment advice. Full disclaimer […]
July 5, 2019

Episode #33 David Salem – A Deep Dive into Capital Allocation

This interview is a true master class for anyone interested in capital allocation and manager selection. We had the great pleasure to speak to David Salem, the Co-Chairman of New Providence Asset Management, a firm that provides investment office solutions for endowments, foundations and family offices. David is also a contributor to Epsilon Theory, an online community in which he writes extremely thoughtful articles about investment management and combines it with his passion for the game of baseball.  Before assuming his current post, David served as a Managing Partner at Windhorse Capital Management, which merged with New Providence in 2018. […]