July 5, 2019

Episode #33 David Salem – A Deep Dive into Capital Allocation

This interview is a true master class for anyone interested in capital allocation and manager selection. We had the great pleasure to speak to David Salem, the Co-Chairman of New Providence Asset Management, a firm that provides investment office solutions for endowments, foundations and family offices. David is also a contributor to Epsilon Theory, an online community in which he writes extremely thoughtful articles about investment management and combines it with his passion for the game of baseball.  Before assuming his current post, David served as a Managing Partner at Windhorse Capital Management, which merged with New Providence in 2018. […]
June 13, 2019

Episode #32 Iven Kurz – Passive Dynamic Investing

We had the pleasure to chat with Iven Kurz, founder and CEO of Evergreen GmbH. Evergreen is a German retirement focused Robo advisor. Before founding his own company, Iven was a total return fund manager for two of the biggest German Private Banks. The total return investing style Iven uses is called Passive Dynamic Investing, which is based on the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Theory and he used for many years. We dive deep into the weeds of this investment form and see why it is being used for retirement saving. Please keep in mind this is not investment advice. Full […]
April 26, 2018

Episode #20 Stefan Schuetze & Juan Rodriguez – Venture Capital, Fintech, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and ICOs

Stefan Schuetze & Juan Rodriguez are both part of the board of directors of Finlab AG, one of the first and one of the largest German company builders and investors in the financial services technology sector. Both Stefan and Juan have extensive experience in working in the Venture Capital, Fintech and Startups space. In the conversation we take a deep dive into the topic ranging from venture capital and fintech to blockchain and ICOs.   Some of the topics we discuss in the interview include: How to become a managing director at a VC Fund? How top VCs choose their […]
April 12, 2018

Episode #19 Jane Coffey – Financial Careers, Asset Management and Behavioral Finance

Jane Coffey is an experienced financial professional and an executive coach. She has extensive experience in asset management having been the head of equities and executive director as well as an investment professional across various well respected financial institutions. She is also heavily involved with the CFA institute in the UK.   In our conversation with Jane we discussed various aspects of financial careers, asset management and behavioural finance. Here are a few topics we have discussed: How to get into investment banking / asset management How ESG affects the investment environment How to find a finance career that will fit […]