Our guest today is Luis García Álvarez. Luis is an Equity Portfolio Manager at MAPFRE Asset Management. MAPFRE is the world’s largest Spanish insurance company and the second largest insurance group in Latin America.
Luis has recently received the ‘Fund Manager of the Year‘ award at the Third Edition of the RankiaPro Awards. The economic-financial publication has recognized Luis as “anticipating volatility and creating a portfolio consistent with the long-term view” in an adverse context in financial markets such as that experienced since March 2020.
Furthermore, Luis is the Co-Director and Professor at the Executive Program in Value Investing and Behavioural Finance at ICADE Business School.
Since 2013 Luis is a CFA Charterholder. Luis also has co-authored several papers on the field of finance which he has presented at the University of Warsaw, University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, the European Central Bank and the Spanish Finance Association.
Before joining MAPFRE, Luis worked at Banco Santander as a Market Risk Analyst and also at BBVA as an Equity Research Analyst.
Luis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Francisco de Vitoria University, a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from CEMFI and the Value Investing Diploma awarded by the Ben Graham Chair at the Richard Ivey School of Business.


In this episode Luis explains to us what Value Investing, Behavioural Finance, and Investing in sports have to do with each other. Luis talks about combining the Value Investing approach with knowledge from Behavioural Finance and how that helps him invest into European Football (Soccer) clubs. He explains his investing approach, idea creation, systems to keep his own emotions in check while gauging the emotions of greed and fear in the market to make successful investments. We deep dive into the financial side of European football and sports in general.





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Published On: December 23rd, 2021 /