Alena Sychova has more than 18 years of experience in Investment Banking. Currently as the head of capital markets origination at Sova Capital, a UK based Broker specializing in Emerging Markets. Previously, Alina was a managing director and the head of equity Capital markets at Gazprom bank. And before that, the head of ECM origination in Russia and CIS that’s the Commonwealth of independent states at City. Before that, Alina clan the ranks are at Bank of America Merrill Lynch from an Analyst to Director. All those jobs have a strong focus on investment banking for emerging markets across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Alina holds a master’s degree in finance from London Business School, a bachelor’s degree in finance, and a bachelor’s degree in international finance, both cum laude from pyramidal College of New Jersey.

In this episode we deep dive into Investment Banking, more specifically into IPOs. Alina leads us through the entire process a company does from deciding to go public, to the first days of trading on an exchange. We talk about the checklist IPO items, as well as the creative, artistic parts of taking a company public as an investment bank. We explore Investment Banking in Emerging Markets and the differences to developed markets. Alina shares with us her views on industry trends, opportunities for young bankers, especially women interested in IB. Alina also shares  and her own story making career in this male dominated IB world. And of course she gives great advice for young professionals and many jumping off points for a round 2.



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Published On: December 15th, 2021 /