Uwe Wystup is the founder and Managing Director of MathFinance, a quantitative finance advisory firm. They specialize in the development of state-of-the art models for trading, sales and risk management. Their focus is on FX options, the volatility surface and structured derivatives. Uwe is also a Professor of Financial Option Price Modeling at the University of Antwerp, Honorary Professor at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, was a Visiting Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance.

Are you interested in the difference between Plain Vanilla and Exotic Options? Or the difference between Finance and Quantitative Finance? And of course what skills you need to land a job in quantitative finance? Uwe explains the science behind exotic options valuations, how quantitative models get developed and improved upon. Learn how brokers, treasurers, and hedge funds interact in financial markets.

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Published On: December 17th, 2019 /