Markus Koch is a German Wall Street journalist and entrepreneur. He started trading friends & families money very early and had 70k€ debt at age 17. He then paid back the money by working at Bear Sterns before starting his own journalism company. Markus acted as Economic Advisor for the Web-Series “We, the economy”, produced by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen and was part of the Introduction of the Hollywood-Blockbuster Wall Street, Money never Sleeps” in Germany.

What does Star Wars, Jazz, or Casanova have to do with Finance? Markus brings Wall Street to retail investors.

This interview provides a very honest and open insight into Wall Street from an Insider’s perspective. Markus shares his opinion on many different topics, ranging from Trading to Politics. We talk about how Markus lost his teachers’ money, started at Wall Street while sleeping on his boss’s couch. We talk about the stories that drive the stock market and what drives Markus to educate retail investors about finance. Markus gives insights into Trading and the traditions of the NYSE trading floor over the years.

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Please keep in mind this is not investment advice. Full disclaimer at the end of the podcast. 

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Published On: November 29th, 2019 /