Andreas Lukic is the Managing Partner of ValueNet Capital Partners, a Private Equity Firm based in Frankfurt. He is also the honorary Chairman of the Business Angels FrankfurtRheinmain e.V., one of the biggest Angel Investor networks of Europe where he engages to grow the Frankfurt Angel and Venture Capital ecosystem. Andreas has worked in Private Equity, Venture Capital and has been an Angel Investor himself for many years.

We spend a lot of time talking about the difference in Angel Investing, Venture Capital, and Private Equity. We also talk about how the investment process changes in all of the areas and what to watch out for when investing in startups. Other topics we get into are the differences and success factors of a good ecosystem for startups with some examples from Singapore and Frankfurt.


1:26 Andreas’s Background and his career through Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Angel Investing
06:10 – What makes good Ecosystem for each of the above and an overview of Angel Investing
10:00 – The different investment processes in each area and the model of 10
15:30 – Andreas’ view on Growing vs. profit
18:00 – On the importance of the right team and how to find the right team as an investor and as a co-founder
26:30 – Some history and where the term “Business Angel” comes from
30:30 – The difference in startup ecosystems around the world and the financing chain
33:00 – Success factors for a successful startup ecosystem and what is the next Silicon Valley?
38:00 – Case Study Singapore: the importance of collaboration
41:00 – Case Study Frankfurt: how to build a strong startup environment?
48:30 – Upcoming trends and technologies
52:30 – Last tips on starting a company and Angel Investing

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Luke, Leo & Andy

Published On: October 14th, 2019 /