If you always wanted to have a real and unromantic view on what it takes to be a trader, this is the episode for you. Gerard is Principle at Epitrain, a financial markets, business, and project management training company. He also teaches Trading courses at the National University of Singapore, one of Asia’s most prestigious universities and Singapore Management University. Gerard has been in the realms of trading since 1992, the very early days of trading in Singapore. In the past 25 years, from open outcry to electronic trading, he has seen it all.  With his company he is working closely with universities, large banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions to train their people, help them make the right hires and much more. 

Gerard, in his straight and unapologetic manner gave us very interesting insights into financial markets and trading more specifically. He also gave us the harsh truth about being in trading and what it takes to get into trading. We talk about his own experiences, stories from the markets, what he learned about skill and mindset throughout the years and what it really takes to succeed in financial markets. 

Please keep in mind this is not investment advice. Full disclaimer at the end of the podcast. 

You can find out more about him at http://www.epitrain.com or add Gerard on LinkedIn. 

He also recommends the book “The old man and the sea” and believes there are two interpretations of the book. And only with one you’ll be successful in Trading. Do reach out to us or him to let us know your interpretation.

1:40 What is Gerard’s background? 

5:05 How do you make sure to win more often than you loose?

9:25 What do you do when the premises of your trade are broken?

11:45 what is the difference between trading and investing? And what is the difference between technical and fundamental analysis?

14:35: What makes people trade?

15:10 The unromantic part about trading!

20:10 What skills do you need as a trader?

26:10 How do you test and learn those skills?

31:05 How important is a university degree for trading? A hedge fund hiring example

36:25 What skills are important in an algorithmic trading world? 

38:05 Do you have tips for people that want to get into algorithmic trading? 

39:50 Algorithmic trading

42:30 last words and Challenge

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Published On: August 2nd, 2019 /