Joern Czech is the Co-Founder and Manager of IANUA Market Limited, an Alternative Investment platform and intelligence hub, founded in 2018. They simplify Alternative Investing for professional investors, co-invest with them into curated investment opportunities. Joern’s career started in Trading for a local German bank before he moved into Institutional Sales for Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. Just before founding IANUA, Joern was a partner and Head of Business Development and Investor Relations at a London-based Hedge Fund called SCIO Capital LLP.

In this episode we talk about the financial crisis and the credit crunch, we provide insights into the Alternative Investment market, especially the latest developments of the hunt for yield and increase complexity. Joern is telling us about the difference of Entrepreneurship in finance vs. Investment Banking, he is sharing great career advice and tips on how to strengthen yourself against stress, how to be mindful and the benefits of meditation.

0:00 –  4:25 Intro

4:25 – 12:10 Learnings over a long career, the credit crunch experience

12:10 – 22:08 Intro into Alternative Investments and the market, Ianua as a company and the business model behind it and how technology helps to scale the startup in finance

22:08 – 26:52 Being an entrepreneur in the financial industry, career and networking advice

26:52 – 34:57 Deep dive into Alternative Investments: lower yields and increased complexity, risks and threats of the markets, especially politics 

34:57 – end Some last advice, tips on how to deal with stress through mindfulness

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Published On: March 28th, 2019 /