Michael John (‘MJ’) Lytle is the CEO of Tabula Investment Management, a provider of fixed income ETFs, which was founded in 2018. Tabula aims to bring investors precise credit exposure. They give access to parts of the fixed income asset class, which currently are less accessible. 

He also was a founding partner of Source, a ETF Provider, which as of 2017 is part of Invesco. At Source we was the Chief Development Officer, with specific responsibility for marketing and broader involvement in product creation and design. MJ was also part of Morgan Stanley and BlackRock. 


We talk about a vide variety of topics, including the startup industry, the ETF business, in particular the Fixed Income and Credit ETF business. We deep dive into CDS and the financial crisis and last MJ leaves us with some final tips. 



Intro & Application tips 0 – 12:10


12:10 – 19:53 

Startups, VC, Europe vs. Silicon Valley


19:53 – 27:36

Going deep into ETFs and the ETF Business – the buyers perspective


27:36 – 40:19

Building an ETF startup – the sellers perspective, Credit/ Fixed Income ETFs, The Europe Fixed Income Market and deep dive into bonds


40:19 – 52:35 

Deep dive into credit markets and CDS; excourse to the financial crisis and what is different today


52:35 – end

About making mistakes, books and final tips

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Published On: March 1st, 2019 /