Kerstin Eichmann and Moritz Jungmann are a part of the Innogy Innovation Hub which is the corporate venture capital arm of Innogy.
The Innogy Innovation Hub and Innogy Ventures are funded by Innogy SE, a leading German energy company with revenue of around €43 billion (2017), more than 42,000 employees and activities in 16 countries across Europe. In our conversation, we talked about the difference between corporate venture capital and regular VC funds, the emerging machine economy and what it means for business, as well as how startups are integrated into the activities of the sponsor company behind the CVC.

Innogy Innovation Hub, is looking to drive game-changing ideas that can revolutionise an existing business model or industry permanently. The key focus areas of IIH include: ‘Machine Economy’, ‘Smart & Connected’, ‘Disruptive Digital’ and ‘Cyber Ventures’.



More of the topics we cover in the interview are:

  • How does corporate venture capital differ from typical venture capital
  • How does your activity with start-ups tie into the activity of Innogy as a whole
  • Machine economy and how will it change business as we know it
  • Why should start-up chose a CVC over a regular VC investment
  • Areas of Focus: ‘Machine Economy’, ‘Smart & Connected’, ‘Disruptive Digital’ and ‘Cyber Ventures’
  • How to start a career in corporate venture capital and what skills to acquire

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Published On: June 21st, 2018 /