Peter Schwicht is the former CEO of JP Morgan Asset Management EMEA. He held various positions in JP Morgan over the years including being the head of trading for JP Morgan Germany. Currently he is sitting on the board of many companies and continuing to share his expertize. In the interview, we touch on many topics such as: Megatrends in Asset management as well as ESG investing and how regulation impacts the asset management industry.

More of the topics we cover in the interview are:

  • Megatrends in asset management
  • The raise of passive asset management.
  • Perspective on ESG investing and social responsibility of financial managers
  • Active vs passive asset management
  • What can you learn from financial crisis?
  • How does regulation and governance affect the asset management space?
  • What impact will MIFID have on asset management
  • What is the future of research in asset management
  • Small vs big asset management firms in today’s world
  • Career advice for getting into asset management
  • How to find a mentor

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Published On: June 8th, 2018 /