Jane Coffey is an experienced financial professional and an executive coach. She has extensive experience in asset management having been the head of equities and executive director as well as an investment professional across various well respected financial institutions. She is also heavily involved with the CFA institute in the UK.


In our conversation with Jane we discussed various aspects of financial careers, asset management and behavioural finance. Here are a few topics we have discussed:

  • How to get into investment banking / asset management
  • How ESG affects the investment environment
  • How to find a finance career that will fit you
  • Investment banking vs asset management?
  • How to get early financial experience
  • How to build out a network in the financial world
  • How to make the next step in your financial career properly
  • What differentiates a good fund manager from a great fund manager?
  • Which education is right for you in the asset management space
  • How has the asset management industry changed over the last 30 years

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Published On: April 12th, 2018 /