Prof. Oliver Gottschalg is one of the leading researchers in the space of private equity. He is a an associate professor at HEC Paris but also among other things he is a co-founder and head of research at Peracs, a firm providing analytics and research on private equity investments.


In our conversation with Prof Gottschalg we discussed various aspects of private equity as an asset class, performance measurements in the space as well as various other related topics. Here are a few items we have touched on:

  • How to measure performance of private equity funds
  • How does bridging affect private equity fund performance
  • How to start a career in private equity
  • How to clean up private equity performance data?
  • Performance persistence in private equity
  • Do big private equity funds outperform smaller private equity funds?
  • What are some public market equivalents of private equity
  • Co-investment opportunities in private equity
  • Is performance of private equity funds based on value created?
  • How value is created in private equity
  • What makes a good GP and LP


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Published On: March 28th, 2018 /