Ralf Heim is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Fincite, a digital wealth management fintech and one of the fastest growing startups in Germany currently employing over 60 people. He has a developer background. He has worked for two startups. He started developing database mostly for logistics companies as a freelancer beginning with 16. He very early joined a business intelligence startup and quickly rose in ranks to head the business development and joining the extended management board. After the company called Cundus, was sold, he and his two co-founders started Fincite and managed to develop it into one of the fastest growing startups in Germany. Fincite currently works with large corporates and banks across Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.



In our conversation with Ralf we discussed various aspects of fintechs, roboadvisors and entrepreneurship. Here are a few topics we have discussed:

  • How is it to work on projects and implement solutions for large banks and financial institutions
  • How does the process of implementation of financial systems for clients look like
  • Artificial intelligence in finance and how it ties into delivering new financial solutions
  • What do robo-advisors actually do and how are they disrupting the traditional players
  • How do the large banks work with fintechs and what do they do to innovate
  • How the experience of working with central banks is different from working with private banks
  • How does the current fintech environment look like and are we in a fintech bubble
  • The Fincite venture arm and how to create new ventures in the fintech space

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Published On: March 15th, 2018 /